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Mets Aniv

The company "Mets Aniv" was founded in 1999. Initially, the company has been specialized in the sale of tires provided for construction machinery, trucks and agricultural vehicles. Therefore, the company was perceived as a company selling "big wheel" ("Mets Aniv").

The first point of sale was the shop of 20 sq. meters area at 90 Charents street where subsequently formed the largest chain store of car bandages, tires, batteries, motor oil and spare parts in Armenia.

In the late 90s chaotic market and the deficit of goods created favorable conditions for the development of the company. Thanks to the good market research, competent sales system and efficient pricing policy the company "Mets Aniv" for a short time occupied a strong position not only in the "big wheels" market, but in the field of passenger car tires as well.

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