German manufacturer of tires and automotive components. The company ranks 2nd in Europe and 4th in the world market for the production of tires.

In October 8, 1871«Continental-Caoutchouc & Gutta-Percha Compagnie» was founded in Hanover as a joint-stock company producing soft rubber products, rubberized fabrics, solid tires for carriages and bicycles.

Since the beginning of XX century cars with Continental tires dominated at racetracks around the world.

The company's plants are located in Germany, Belgium, Chile, France, Great Britain, Portugal, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Spain and the United States.

Continental sells tires for automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles worldwide under the Continental brand. It also produces and commercializes other brands on a regional level, such as General, Euzkadi, or Barum. Continental's customers include all major automobile, truck and bus producers, such as Volkswagen, Daimler AG, Ford, Volvo, Iveco, BMW, General Motors, Toyota, Honda, Renault and Porsche.

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