Sportiva is an emerging tyre brand with many models under its roof. Sportiva tyres are stable, strong and safe for several kinds of vehicles from passenger cars to light trucks. The tyres offer value for your money as they come with fresh tread patterns, suitable for wet driving conditions. Sportiva has a range of tyres – from aggressive snow and winter types to slick and ultra-high performing summer tyres. With higher aquaplaning resistance and greater stability, the strong-profiled Sportiva tyres offer good surface traction. The tyres sport tread patterns that have even wear and carry longer life, ideal for any passenger car or truck. Low rolling resistance and road noise are assured by the tyre's use of modern technology in tread compound. Sportiva tyres also offer better mileage and good contact patch with the surface.
Sportiva is a brand from the Continental Group of tyres. An industry leader, the Continental Group manufactures several world popular brands under its Passenger and Light Truck Tyres division for compact, medium-size, full-size, 4x4 cars, vans, and light trucks. Continental Sportiva AT is one of aggressive build, ideal for use as winter/wet tyre. Pneus Online offers references to several models of Sportiva tyres.

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